Wanted! People with a passion to end sexual violence.

Volunteering with KCCASA + ISAS is an enriching and rewarding way to help fight sexual violence. There are 2 ways Volunteer Advocates can work with KCCASA + ISAS: As a comprehensively trained Crisis Interventionist or as a Community Ally.

Trained Crisis Interventionist

KCCASA + ISAS’s comprehensive Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Training prepares trainees to respond in crisis situations, including serving on our 24-Hour Crisis Hotline. A Hotline Advocate is often the first point of contact for those affected by sexual violence. You can make a difference by offering non-judgmental emotional support, crisis counseling, and resource information to victims of sexual assault and human trafficking and other interested parties.

It may sound intimidating at first, but KCCASA + ISAS provide a free comprehensive training program for hotline volunteers, giving you the tools to feel comfortable and successful in this important position.

The Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Training program consists of 40 hours of class time. It is offered at KCCASA’s office twice each year – once in the fall and once in the spring. Volunteer candidates can also choose to participate in an Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s (ICASA) training in Springfield, Illinois – offered four times a year.  ICASA participants’ travel expenses are eligible for reimbursement.

The Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Training will prepare you to:

    • Provide crisis hotline assistance, support, or information to victims and significant others
    • Provide direct support to victims at the hospital emergency room or at the police department
    • Work with police, medical staff, and criminal justice professionals to best protect the rights of sexual assault and human trafficking survivors

Other volunteer opportunities could include working the front desk and other office tasks, assisting with community outreach and public awareness activities; assisting with legal advocacy and helping provide maintenance/repairs at the centers. Volunteers can work in Kankakee County, Iroquois County, or both.

Volunteers are also offered continuing education at each monthly volunteer meeting in order keep current on the latest trends in crime, law and medical research.

To learn more about becoming a Volunteer Advocate, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 815-932-7273 ext. 228 or email volunteer@kc-casa.org.

Without this comprehensive training, Volunteer Advocates cannot have direct contact with clients or callers. But that doesn’t mean you cannot help end sexual violence! There is another way to volunteer with KCCASA + ISAS.

Community Ally

Even if you do not feel you can serve in crisis situations, there is plenty of other work to be done. Our Board of Directors and staff serve on several committees that keep KCCASA + ISAS going. We want your help! As a Community Ally, you can assist with:

  • Fundraising and Marketing
  • Building Maintenance
  • Audit
  • Finance

Community Allies will receive 1.5-2 hours of training to familiarize you with the topic of sexual violence. It will prepare you to engage in conversations that may arise when people know you volunteer with KCCASA + ISAS.

To learn more about becoming a Community Ally, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 815-932-7273 ext. 228 or email volunteer@kc-casa.org.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Pictured are some of KCCASA + ISAS’s Board of Directors: Greg Barrett, Angela Rutledge, Jake Lee, Tracey Noe (Executive Director), Deanna Carlson-Webb, Raelynn Roman, and Rebecca Schatz.

KCCASA + ISAS’s administration consists of a Board of Directors, and the Executive Director. The Board of Directors meets once a month to discuss agency business. Members are also encouraged to serve on one of the Board committees, such as Finance, Audit, Building and Grounds, or Fundraising/Marketing.

If you are interested in serving on KCCASA + ISAS’s Board, please fill out the application linked below and submit it to
director@kc-casa.org or drop it off at the KCCASA + ISAS office, located at 1440 W. Court St. Kankakee Il 60901.

Board of Directors Application 


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