Prevention and Outreach


In addition to responding to the needs of those who have be sexually assaulted, efforts must be made to prevent sexual violence from occurring in the first place. In fact, the elimination of sexual violence in a key tenant of KCCASA + ISAS mission.

Sexual violence prevention goes beyond creating awareness of the issue and alerting community members of available services. It requires shifting community norms which contribute to sexual violence, promoting the norms and behaviors that foster safe communities, and participating in efforts to advance social justice.

KCCASA + ISAS provide prevention activities and training support to our partners in building effective prevention efforts in their communities.

KCCASA + ISAS are always looking for prevention partners! Please contact KCCASA at 815-932-7273 or email for more info.



KCCASA + ISAS seek to raise awareness about sexual violence in our community. We recognize that this can be a taboo and difficult topic, but one that needs to be addressed. KCCASA + ISAS provide free presentations and programs to schools, local organizations, civic groups, and religious communities. Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of the target audience.

To schedule a speaker, please contact KCCASA at 815-932-7273 or email


Professional Training

Sexual Assault is a difficult topic – but it is a reality. Some professionals encounter it more frequently in their line of work but don’t always feel comfortable handling the topic when it comes up. At KCCASA + ISAS, we believe that training helps professionals respond to sexual assault and human trafficking in a way that supports victims and their rights.

Specialized training is available for those who encounter sexual assault, human trafficking, sexual abuse, or sexual harassment in their line of work, such as:

    • police officers
    • legal professionals
    • medical providers
    • teachers
    • counselors
    • social workers
    • nurses
    • and more

Trainings are customized to fit the specific needs of an organization – and no group is too small.

Contact a Preventionist to discuss the needs of your Professional Training at 815-932-7273 or email

Parent programs

Parents often avoid talking about sexual abuse with their children. We recognize that it is not the easiest thing to discuss, but, like many of the conversations parents should be having with their children, it can help keep your children safe! If you want to learn more about what parents can do to combat sexual violence, KCCASA + ISAS are happy to help. We frequently present to parent groups on a number of topics, including:

    • How to talk to your child appropriate touch
    • How to talk to your child about sexual abuse in an age-appropriate way
    • The Pedophile’s grooming process
    • Signs and Symptoms of Child Sexual Abuse
    • Handling a disclosure

To schedule a speaker, please contact KCCASA at 815-932-7273 or email

Community Outreach

KCCASA + ISAS strive to support the community that we serve by being active in it. By reaching out into the community, we encourage public awareness of KCCASA + ISAS’s services and connect with people who previously did not know where to find help. You will spot us all over the county at events, fairs, meetings, and conferences. And when you do, please come say hello and learn a little more about us!

 Want KCCASA / ISAS at your next event? Please contact KCCASA at 815-932-7273 or email

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